Our Recovery Philosophy

Client focused approach

One of the first things you will be asked is what your goals are that you wish to achieve from your time with us. We understand that everybody has differing goals. We have the skills to help you at all levels. Whether your goal is to improve your golf swing as a weekend warrior, play at the park with your children, enjoy a working day with no pain, or improving your performance as an athlete, our programmes will be tailored to your needs to achieve these goals.

Focus on current research and best practice principles

The world of health and technology is changing constantly in this fast-paced world. Our focus is to remain up-to-date with the latest and most beneficial treatment methods to ensure we help you achieve your functional goal in the most suitable way possible, and keep you performing at your best for longer.


The more you know

One of our key philosophies is helping clients understand their body, and the way it works. The more you understand about your body, the better we can work collaboratively to assist you prevent further injury, and improve your functional performance.

Leading customer service

We believe a big portion to your recovery is being included in a team, and having your thoughts heard and more importantly respected. We focus on ensuring that our values of communication, respect, teamwork, and empowerment are instilled and maintained from the moment you first call all the way through your recovery journey. Your first phone call to us will be answered by an experienced Clinician to ensure we have the right service to assist you in achieving your goals. We understand that treatment at the right time is the most important, and this is why we strive to ensure that we provide you with an honest answer if we can help or not.